Sweet Tooth VS Bikini

Summer is practically here. It’s March and the sun is high enough to make me swear and wish that I was soaking up on the beach already. Then, a thought always hits me: I am not bikini ready yet!

I know I have numerous photos of me in my bikini but I promised myself that this year will be different. My boyfriend and I are going on a vacation in this nice beach in the Philippines – Boracay. This will be our first beach trip together, just the two of us, wherein our main goal is to spend time with each other and not surf. Because of that, I have resolved that I will eliminate my sugar/beer belly! Yes! Apparently, my belly isn’t just the product of many night outs with my best friends. I have learned that most likely, it is the consequence of my super duper ultra mega large sweet tooth! I never knew that sugar had a lot to contribute to my muffin top. My trainor told me that sugar is my belly culprit. It is so hard to burn sugar. Oh noes!

The torturous part of my journey towards a flatter belly has been my diet and not the gruelling exercise. I actually enjoy the physical exertion that exercise entails. I’ve been trying out a lot of sports lately (surf not included :/ will explain that in another post). I have also been some sort of douchebag at the gym too! Haha! I constantly find myself checking out the treadmill next to me and making sure my pace was faster, I would flex and stare at my arms after lifting some weights and I would check my tummy out at the locker room while changing. I guess I am just so anxious to see the results of my efforts. 🙂

Now, as with the diet part, this has been a great struggle for me. I just can’t lay down the sweets! Girls, you know this. We have a penchant for sweets and this just go crazy high when we are PMS-ing.

My top favorite food is cake, and imagine me looking on longingly at the displays in cafes. It is like I have been deprived of my baby. 😦 I have been avoiding chocolates too. My boyfriend did his part by not giving me chocolates last Valentine’s Day. Either he’s helping me out or that he just forgot. Hehe.

I have read that “Abs are made in the kitchen” and that “Abs are 70% diet, 30% exercise”. If so, I am in deep shiz. Somebody please extract my sweet tooth! Besides, even if I did not have a sweet tooth, almost all food products are sugar and fat laden! Imagine, Corn Flakes has about 9g sugar per serving and they don’t even taste sweet to me! Anyway, I have switched from Bran and Corn Flakes to Cheerios. Cheerios have like 2g of sugar per serving only. Pretty awesome, didn’t know that.

So here is what I have been eating to take that bulge off my belly: veggies, wheat bread, tuna, bananas, apples, oatmeal, Cheerios, yogurt (Greek yogurt is so hard to find!), grains, etc.

These are the ones that are easily found at our local supermarket. Other stuff like khush, quinoa, greek yogurt, goat cheese, etc are so hard to find!

I do not have a problem with eating these foods, its just that, I can’t fight my sweet tooth! Like right now, I am looking at Oreo 100th Anniversary Recipes and my sweet tooth is just taking over my senses. :p

Anyways, wish me luck and here are a few photos of my abs-pirations:


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