First Beach Trip of the Summer is Foiled!

Each year, my 2 college best girlfriends and I make it a must to head to Puerto Galera every summer. Puerto Galera is in Occidental Mindoro, south of Manila, Philippines. It is like a semi-Boracay, I think. The beach and the sand pretty nice and the night life is really good! Now, a beach with a night life is some place that the three of us need since it will be just the three of us girls. We are gonna need some good entertainment, lots of eye candy (BOYS!) and a nice bar to get wasted at. Haha!

We usually stay there for one night only so we jam pack all our craziness in 2 days and 1 night! We lounge around the beach and take pictures during the day.. maybe meet a few cute guys.. then party away all night! I cannot remember a single night that we were sober.

OK, so why the title? This is so depressing that I just have to blog about it! We plan on going there last weekend of this month… but then.. I learn that my bro’s graduation is scheduled the same day! Oh noooess! Of course, one would normally think that this should be an easy decision. Bro’s grad over a wasted night on the beach is the obvious logic here. But..but..but.. 😦 I really miss going to the beach with my girlfriends. 😦

This is a yearly tradition and it would be disappointing to not go this year because we weren’t able to go last year too. 😦 and it was my fault too that we did not go last year. I was preparing for my board exam.

Looks like we are gonna have a hard time rescheduling it because they have other plans on the weekends to come already.. Sighhh.. Oh well, I hope we could still find a weekend to squeeze our beach trip into. Wish us luck!

Here are some pictures of our yearly Puerto Galera trip:


A cuhraaazzzy night! This was our first year.


We take pictures of each other during the day




I met my boyfriend on our second trip there. I think this is our first photo together. 🙂


Royce, moi, Aimee. Love them!!



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