Go Make Me A Sandwich!

Finally! I could now post about the Cooking/Dating Show I joined because it has been aired already ๐Ÿ™‚ Our contract binds us to not speak or post pics about it until the episode has been aired.

Well, my agent called me up one Monday afternoon and asked if I would like to help him out with a Cooking/Dating Show. Of course, I said YES immediately! Haha, the fame whore me would love such exposure on national tv.

So, it turns out, we have to create our own recipe using the famous San Marino Tuna Fillet. First thing that popped in my head — I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO SLICE A FRIKKIN TOMATO! How else would you even expect me to make up my own recipe and cook it? I was in panic mode and so I called up Char (my only friend who actually knows how to cook a decent meal) and asked her to stock up on tuna because we were gonna grill, fry, saute tuna tonight.

Tuesday, suprise! The thing is actually scripted! The show’s producer emailed me the recipe that I supposedly “invented” and asked me to learn it so I could prepare it at the show. I think they knew I barely know how to cook which is why they gave me the easiest one.. Tuna Salad Sandwich. Put tuna in bowl, add mayonnaise, mix, slather on bread. No brainer! Awesome!

Day of the shoot.. We were given our script and I found out that I had to battle it out with another girl, who was given her “invented” recipe. We were gonna do a cook out and whoever prepared the better sandwich wins a date with the supah dupah ultra mega hottie Fabio Ide! I have met him before during a surf trip but we never really got to talk or whatever. So it was cool when I met him on set once again and we got to talk about surfing and stuff.. We actually ended up making a “See you in the water (if I ever see you!)” date hahaha.. its like I won beforehand. Haha!

An hour before the shoot.. I was pretty excited cause I have practiced the lines in my head. It was easier too because I have been playing pretend cooking show with my sister in, like, forever! Remember that movie by Penelope Cruz “Woman On Top”? My sister and have never forgotten that line “Make sure your tomatoes are fresh and plump” which she delivered sexily and sounded something like “Mek zhur yer tometos arrr fressz en pluompp”.. Very sexy! My sister and I always said that line even if we were just frying hotdogs or bacon haha

So came show time! I was psyched! I have memorized the ingredients and even took mental note of witty things to say while preparing the sandwich. You know, whenever you watch cooking shows, the chef just keeps blabbering away while cooking.. to avoid any dead air. I was kinda disappointed though because Fabio had to leave and JC Tiuseco replaced him. He’s cute too but I would still go for Fabio :p

The host, Sam Oh, had this script which was kinda crappy ’cause the story writers apparently made up stupid description about me and my co-contestant. It said I like surfing the net and going to the mall —- BORING! Yeah I like those stuff but that’s not what I would do all day! Duh.. I have other more interesting hobbies to broadcast on national tv, thank you! Like..Ummm..Watching tv. JK! Haha

Anyway, I went up first. I couldn’t believe it!! I am so smooth and awesome and amazing! You’d think I’ve been doing these kinda stuff all my life when, in reality, this is the first time I ever did this! I was talkin it up like really confident and suave.. made a comment about the sandwich, remarked on how I hope JC would like my sandwich, praised the tuna fillet in a can, praised it some more and then CUT! goes the director. Surprisingly, the whole production team gave me an applause! Really cool! I guess they were pleasantly surprised at how well it went. Hahaha! I am so overconfident of myself, sorry!

In the end though, I didn’t win. Heck, I just mixed tuna and mayo, while my competitor did a really amazing waldorf salad (congrats to Dottie!). But it was cool, I still think I did a good job. See for yourself! Airing times are as follows:

Starting May 7, 2012
Mon-Thur 10-10:10AM, 11:20-11:30AM, 6-6:10PM
Fri 10-10:10AM, 11:20-11:30AM, 5:50-6PM
Sat 11-11:10AM 12:45-12:55PM, 5:50-6PM
Sun 12:45-12:5PM, 6:15-6:25PM

This will be aired at GMA News TV Ch.11, don’t you dare miss it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Girls’ dressing room

We stayed a lot in the dressing room because it was super hot outside. I think we finsihed 2 cans of Pringles, a lot of other junk foodles, took a lot of pictures of each other (vanity!), and pretty much shared stories of our pretty little lives hahaha

Clubhouse/Pig Out Area! Where we ate ate ate ate and took more photos. ๐Ÿ˜€

Very pretty!! XD


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