Manila Ocean Park on a Black Friday

Another long overdue post. This happened last Black Friday.

So it was a holiday and all malls and pretty much all other establishments are closed. My brother, sister, cousin, mom, nephew and I were just bored and feeling the summer heat at home when my sister suddenly came up with this idea to go to Manila Ocean Park! Her 3 year old son, Brody, is a National Geographic Channel fan and this activity will surely blow his mind!

So we all had breakfast, got ready and left the house around 10am. My nephew couldn’t wait to see the sea lions, these are his favorite animals as of the moment. So, all 6 of us smooshed ourselves in a cab and headed for Manila.

Upon arriving, you could see my nephew having crazy eyes! He saw all these animals, mascots, pictures all at once that he just couldn’t focus on one.

We bought the holiday package which included the Oceanarium Walk, Sea Lion show, Jelly Fish exhibit and the Wild Life show, all for 499 pesos, that’s about $10. Pretty good deal!

So we started off with the Sea Lion show. Even I was amazed! I learned that sea lions could swim really fast, I think the caretaker said 10m/hr? I forgot. Also, that they used to help the marines in doing underwater work since they could take instructions well, are good at retrieving stuff and that, since they are animals, the enemy’s radar would just totally ignore them. Cool, huh?

After the show, we had lunch. My mom is the usual fast food person. She likes her KFC and Chowking a lot. This time, I requested that we ate something kinda better. We went to Gerry’s Grill, not exactly healthy :p, but it was the only decent restaurant/grill at the area that time. We pigged out then went on with our Ocean Park tour.

We then visited the Oceanarium. We saw a lot of fishies, sharkies, tuwtles and touched some starfishieess… The whole time we were there , the constant thought in my head was, “Hmmm… how would this fishy/sharky taste?” Hhaha, ok, that was just some joke thought, please chill PETA.

My cousin, Enna, used to work at the Oceanarium because she studied Biology in college. Big bonus for us! It was like we had our own tour guide! πŸ™‚ She told us some cool stuff about the fishies and why the whole oceanarium was designed that way. You see, the oceanarium started at the top and we had to go a few steps lower each segment; it signified that we are going lower and lower until we reach the ocean floor. Didn’t know that! πŸ™‚

Aside from the underwater tunnel, what amazedballs my mind was the SHARK TANK!! Incredible! A big tank of SHARKS! Gnarly!

After the awesome oceanarium, we went to the cool Jelly Fish area. My cousin particularly stayed at this portion of Ocean Park which meant more fun trivia! She told us about the Man-O-War. Deadliest jellyfish in the whole world! It could kill a man in seconds! Don’t ever want to cross paths with that jellybomb ever! She also told us of the biggest jellyfish which is the size of 16-wheeler truck!! Imagine swimming in the ocean and bump into that big guy. Another fun fact: for a jellyfish school to be called such, it needs to be a group of tens of thousands. This is why the whole Jelly Fish area of Ocean Park is full of mirrors. This is to trick the jelliefishieeess that they are in ze ozean and that they are one biggie jellie familie! Yay! Tricked yaa!

Last stop was the Wildlife show, which was, nothing exciting, we just watched the sea lions swim round and round. My nephew and I tried calling out to the sea lions…in their voice! hahaha so immature of me. But I had fun shouting like a sea lion. My mom was laughing at us then suddenly covered her mouth for fear that her dentures might fall into the water. My brother announced: “Don’t worry mom, sea lions are good item retrievers.” Hahaha!

It was past 4pm already and we were tired from the heat and all the walking; we decided to go home and calm my nephew from extreme excitement because of all the marine overload! πŸ™‚

Here are some photos from that day:

Visit the Manila Ocean Park!
They are open everyday, holidays included.
Check out their site for more info.


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