The Cranberries in Manila!!

Okay, another late post. This happened April 10, 2012.

This is the ultimate 90s kids event yet! The Cranberries, wow, I grew up listening to them. Alongside No Doubt, Garbage, The Cardigans, etc. Now I’m not sure if they all fall within the same time frame but I listened to them in elementary and high school, so I’ll just say 90s. hehe

Although we really like this band, we didn’t feel like shelving out bucks for VIP seats. We figured, we (bunched together) are so much fun already, general admission would do. Plus, we’re not very generous really. haha

So we were really far from the stage that we ended up buying these foldable, disposable binoculars, and it was fine. Good view.

Pretty soon the concert started and people went nuts! Especially when they sang Linger, Salvation, and the all-time favorite Zombie!!

We were also dancing the “Dolores-dance” which I’m pretty sure you have noticed in her performances.. It’s like standing with knees slightly bent and just throwing your fist upward and sideways depending on the beat of the music while singing your heart out. Just watch some of her concerts, you’ll see her doing it.

We also had our lighter moment! My friends and I were probably the only ones in the whole coliseum but it felt really cool lightering up for Linger. šŸ™‚ Okay, by the way, I have a few thoughts on this. Remember how people used to raise their hands, lighters in hand, and sway and swing to the music and really feel the music and shit? That’s all gone now. šŸ˜¦ Sadly, it has been replaced by cameras, phones, and video cameras. šŸ˜¦ Like, when you look around, all you see are people looking through that tiny, tiny digital display on their cameras while they are clicking away. Where’s feeling the music in that?? You are totally missing out on watching the performance with your bare eyeballs; instead, you are watching through a stupid display on your stupid camera. You don’t have to capture the moment on a memory card, the moment must be captured in your head, your heart and shared with friends who are with you at that time! Besides, someone else with better quality cams will video it and post it on Youtube. You don’t need a crappy take from where you’re standing. Yeah, pretty sure its crappy ’cause you’re most probably screaming, singing, jumping and what-not while taping the song. People, put down your gadgets and enjoy the show! Its enough to take a few photos then carry on watching. You don’t have to take a shot of each and every mouth opening angle of the singer.

Okay, while I just ranted about taking pictures and videos during a concert, ironically, here are JUST TWO photos.. just to let you know how far we were from the stage. HAHAHA

This is how far we were from the stage!!

Concert begins!!

(L-R) Me, Anna and Erwina (high school classmate whom we haven’t seen since forever! Nice bumping into ya!)

After the concert, we headed to our not-so-secret default drinking spot which was conveniently walking distance from the concert! Terrific!


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