Another late post. This happened April 14, 2012
I’m just so lazy and I suddenly have this blogger’s adrenaline rush today and I am sooo making the most out of it!

I’m not sure if I have mentioned it in my other blog posts but I am a ZOMBIE GEEK! XD

I truly believe in the zombie apocalypse. I mean, not in the literal sense that our world will eventually turn into something like that in the Walking Dead. But, I mean, I’m pretty sure that someday, some awful, dreadful, gross disease will develop and will consume humanity!! I mean, hey, look at rabies, doesn’t it closely resemble the zombie virus? Infected person looks and behaves crazy? Check. A virus? Check. Communicable? Check. Infected person drools, shouts, screams, bites, is violent, needs to be tied to the bed? Check check check check check!!

Anyway, why am I suddenly talking about zombies? April 14, I signed my boyfriend and I up for the first ever ZOMBIE RUN in Manila! It is titled “Outbreak Manila”. Check out their site here

My boyfriend isn’t really into running and stuff but I figured that we’ll have a lot of fun here because we both love zombies! I think that this is one of the very very very few things we both like. 🙂

We got to the area an hour early, so we registered first, checked out the site, had our pictures taken at the sponsors’ photo booth and longboarded a bit. The longboarding part was really fun for me because Nuvali has wide, open, smooth, and car-less roads.

Okay, so a few minutes into the race, problems started happening. About 10 minutes before our wave was to start, I realized that my (OKAY, kinda gross moment here, sorry) period just started! We had to rush to nearest convenience (which was 50 meters away) store so I could buy some pads and change panties. We thought we wouldn’t make it to our gun start, but, amazingly, we got there just in time! Just a minute before the gun fired! Cool!

BANG! The gun is fired and everyone had a screaming start! So many zombies up ahead and they were really game at chasing us! I am a scaredy cat and even if I know that those are real people just in make up, I still felt scared. XD

Now, here is the worse part. Some people started panicking! So they were running and pushing into each other. Which was bad because I got pushed! And I am not a very stable person! I trip easily! So, 1 minute into the race, there I was, knees and arms scraped on the pavement. Bloody mess! My boyfriend wanted us to stop running immediately and get medical attention but, I was so balls into the game that I just continued running.. Wow, I felt like I was in a real zombie battle. I was bruised, dirty, and my clothes were ripped! Coolio!!

Overall, the run was super fun. There were obstacles and mazes, really cool. There was this part were we had to scoop out zombie gut from zombie bloodied drums (pieces of cloth in muddy water) and had to tie it around our bodies and walk like a zombie so that the zombies wouldn’t recognize us. Just like that episode in the Walking Dead! That episode when they slathered zombie gut on their body to get to their get away van 🙂

I think I made some friends during the run. You see, each time there was a horde of zombies up ahead. We would huddle into a mob and run all at the same time! The zombies would be overwhelmed and wouldn’t know who to grab lives at! Super fun!!

So, my boyfriend and I finished the race after 45 mins. Not bad! We were just walking in some parts. I maintained 1 life flag while he had 3.

We got a shirt and some other freebies after the race.

For lunch, we drove to a steak house to reward ourselves. YUMMM!

Here are some of the photos:

And here is a picture of my boo boo 😦 Anyone know how to make the wound mark disappear? It is healed now but I need to erase the mark completely. Don’t want it to scar!


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