Buh-bye Enna :(

My cousin, Enna (the Manila Ocean Park tour guide) left for Canada early this May 😦

I can’t tell you how sad this made me and my sister feel. Enna is like our third sister. She grew up with us. My sister and I used to always eat her food when we were kids. We played Barbie. She was always the student whenever we played Pretend School. We always took her with our family vacations. We used to tease her because she was such a cry baby and always looked for her momma.

Then came college, we became house mates. She always annoyed me when she just scatters her stuff around and made it clear since Day 1 that she would never do the dishes because it felt yucky but I guess I never really bothered in the end. She always treated me to sushi anyway hahaha. We shared the same music which we sing to in the bathroom, we always had siomai and McDonald’s delivery, we shared clothes and even our school uniforms, etc etc. Sigh.. I have a lot of memories but it would take me the whole day to tell you all about it.

My sister and I went to meet her the last time before she went to Canada. We had dinner, gave her our parting gift (Mittens! Because I know she would totally forget to buy mittens and I think she did forget.) After dinner, we walked her to the parking lot and I remember my sister and I crying at the sidewalk while Enna walked away after we hugged and said our final goodbyes. Shucks, I still feel misty-eyed whenever I remember that day. 😥

We were at the mall that time and we felt that sobbing at the sidewalk made people stare at us and kinda made us feel uncomfortable..but what the hell! :p Anyway, my 3-year old nephew was with us and he was probably confused with all the sobbing and crying his mom and aunt was doing. So, with his best daddy-like stance, he put his arms on his hips and said “Stop crying! If you keep crying, I won’t let you come with me to Toy Kingdom!” HAHAHAHA How adorable! *hugs*

Here are some pictures during my bonding day with Enna. This wasn’t the day when my sister and I cried, couldn’t find the pictures from that day.

Japanese food during my second-to-the last dinner with Enna. She loves Japanese food, anime, culture and etc so I guess I picked the right place!

Sharing a bento meal, just like the old times at that Japanese place near our old house.

HI ENNA! We miss you! Hope its not too cold there and see you soon! xoxoxoxo


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