CME PSA Wave Pool Surfing Cup and A Baby Christening

April 22, 2012

Today was a pretty busy day but it was fine because it would be a busy day with my boyfriend! We usually have little time for each other because he has work, college, more work, homework, social activities, etc so it’s great that we could actually spend the whole day together, yay!

He picked me up around 10am so we could drive to Alabang for his friend’s baby’s christening. It was super hot at the church! We were really perspiring a lot! Good thing I was wearing a tube top and some loose resort pants. After all the rituals and stuff, we headed to a nearby restaurant to pig out! So much food!!

We, then, headed to Club Manila East in Taytay, Rizal for the annual PSA CME Cup! It is a surf competition for beginners held at a wave pool. You’d think it’s easy to catch waves in a wave pool, but really, it’s not! The waves in the pool does not have the push that the ocean has which means that you have to double your paddle effort to be able to ride. Was supposed to join this year but I wouldn’t want to cause futher damage to my “zombie bites” (wounds from the zombie run) so I guess I’ll just join next year!

Some wavepool action!

I do not own this photo. Just borrowed it from my boyfriend’s friend, Consuelo Serina.
That’s my boyfriend in the orange shirt, very egggzited to surf!

More wavepool action!

Fire Poi! Very cool!

Want to give surfing a try? PSA organizes surf trips almost every week and the wave pool is open everyday for surf lessons. Check them out here !


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