He’s Only a Toddler Once

Have I told you how much I love toddlers? They are the cutest and most adorable! I think I love toddlers more than I love babies. Because, you know, they still look like babies but you could play roughly with them now. Hahaha. Also, I learned in Nursing school that the toddler stage actually is when they look the most adorable! Their heads are bigger than their bodies, pot-bellied, and that cute stutter when they try to talk! Like Rugrats? Haha

So, my sister and her baby toddler Brody came to spend the weekend at my house. Boy, we had a lot of fun!!

I think that I am the most awesome aunt in the world! Hehehe

My dad and Brody look at some fishiess

Took him to the movies and the arcade

Took him fake horseback riding haha

That old Face In Hole picture that every kid loves!

His Thor action figure. He is so into The Avengers right now

Took him swimming

Built him a tent in my room! And we slept and played there!

Love you baby! Please don’t grow up so fast! xoxo ❤


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