Linconn’s Very Own Valentines Day

May 15, 2012, Gamers Gone Wild Day today!

Diablo 3 was realeased this day and gamers and geeks all around that world were probably going rabies-crazy the whole day.

If you read geek forums that day, it was all Diablo this, Diablo that. Even my boyfriend has been tweeting like crazy about it!

Which, *ding!* gave me an idea! I have been going out of my mind for days trying to think of a birthday gift for him. Linconn pretty much has everything he wants and needs and it’s hard to gift someone like that, yeah?

I knew he wanted the game so much and it’s not like he wouldn’t be able to afford it, but, I thought that if I went through all the hassle and effort at giving him the game on its release date, that would make the item more special. 🙂

May 14, I called the nearest Diablo 3 dealer and asked if they accepted reservations. They did! So I went to the store after work to pay the Pre-Order fee. It wasn’t much of a hassle but I did get home late and totally missed and lost the auction I was watching. I was bidding on a longboard which I wanted so so so much. 😦

May 15, I was in such a rush! The Diablo 3 hype was too much that I felt like stocks might go out before I got to the mall. I was even calling the store but all lines were busy! So, after work, I rushed to the mall and was relieved when I was told that they were prioritizing those who pre-ordered. Cool!

So, I got the CD and a bluetooth mouse which I know Linconn has been planning to buy but always forgets. I rushed to the bookstore to buy some gift wrapper and ribbon and whatever and ran to the LRT so I could get to Taft (his school) ASAP!

It was so hot and the trains always had some delay… I knew I was gonna have a migraine after this friggin Diablo run.

So I got to the restaurant where we were gonna meet. He wasn’t there yet, perfecto! I wrapped the game immediately and struggled with putting the ribbon on it.. and after 4 minutes, the gift was looking pretty! Fastest gift-wrapping-episode of my life! And I didn’t even use scissors! Another skill I have discovered 😀

As I was about to wrap the mouse, he suddenly appeared out of nowhere and totally caught me! So, I just surrendered the mouse with a cute “Happy Birthday Love!” 😛

So, we ate, talked a bit, played Temple Run, and when I was pretty sure that he didn’t suspect any other gift anymore, I made him close his eyes, no peeking! Then, handed him my blindingly silver gift wrapped present! 🙂

He was so touched when he read the card and was so excited to open it. Check out his face. Haven’t seen that genuine happy-kid-boy face for a while:

BAM! He was floored when he saw that my gift was Diablo 3! He totally didn’t expect it! He had no idea that I knew about Diablo 3 and how much he liked it. He even got a bit misty eyed, its true! :’)

It was like a guy-valentines day and I brought him the most badass bouquet ever!

Love you hun, Happy Birthday! ❤


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