Meat Fest! Grilla in Manila 2012

This happened sometime during the Holy Week of 2012.

Yearly, my boyfriend and his friends have this barbecue party. They eat pounds and pounds of meat, beer, more beer and talk about their cherished highschool memories. 🙂 The stories are pretty much the same each year (and every time they get together) but it’s very amusing to hear. Makes me miss my friends whenever I hear their hormone-raged, teenage-years-driven-foolishness, pubescent escapades hahaha

This year, the grill party coincides with Richie’s birthday (he’s the guy carrying a baby) and the celebration of his baby boy! First baby in their group! Very cutesie patootsie babyyyeee!!!

Linconn’s new baby – The Mastah Grillah 3000! Gas range, 2 humongous grills, some other shiz which I don’t know how to describe, and a bottle crown opener somewhere on the side – what a bonus for the beer guzzlers!

Meat! Meat! Meat! Meat! Meat!

That’s Gems photobombing me and my boyfriend hahaha. Hi Gems!

Rafa, Char, Erika, Gems, Richie with Baby Rafa in hand (sooo adorable!), Alvin, Me, Jerome, Linconn, Richmond.
We have a photo like this from last year. I’ll upload it beside this as soon as I find it 🙂


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