Tan Tien or Bhangra?

Okay, so I am definitely buying my first board anytime soon.

I’ve been looking at a lot of boards recently and I have my eye on Loaded boards. I want an Original board really but I don’t think they have reached the Philippine shores yet, bummer. I think Loaded produces quality boards and I believe Original does too but their’s is more contemporary and up to date with current longboarding trends. Plus, their videos are very cool too! Check them out on their Youtube channel

Anyway, so, I’m settling with Loaded. Now, I can’t decide, will I get the Loaded Tan Tien or the Bhangra?

The Tan Tien has more carving and sliding abilities and the length is just right. The Bhangra has more downhill (which is what I like) and dancing potential but it is too long for me. Well, there is little difference between its length and the Tan Tien but every centimeter counts to me, OC? 😀

Check out the Tan Tien here

Check out the Bhangra here

I like them both but I think I’m leaning towards Tan Tien for now. Thoughts?




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