Twist N Shout

My sister and I went to Sta Lucia Grand Mall a few weeks ago.

I haven’t been there for like a decade!

My cousins and I used to go there a lot because it was really near our house and they have this really big and awesome arcade at the top floor! Plus, there was a big toy store, Planet Toys, beside it which added like 1 million kid points to the place! We spent a lot of our childhood days in that place.

So, we went there to check it out.. Lo and behold! It is still the same! hahaha! As in everything is in its exact place ten years ago! Wowzaa!

World Of Fun
Still the same entrance, decorations, statues, etc. I wonder if the crew are still the same people from before? If you read my diary from those years, I think I have a couple of the arcade crews’ names there. My cousins, yaya and I made friends with them so we could get second rides without having to fall in line again. Badass! Hahaha

Hey, what if Worlds of Fun is in its own dimension?? What if time actually stops there and if you stay long enough, you won’t grow old too? Good plot for an “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” episode! I should sell them my idea.

The old Twist N’ Shout ride. It’s like a mini roller coaster. Yes, I rode it again when we went there. HAHAHA and wow, it still feels amazing and although it is small, there is still that rush when the train zooms down the track šŸ™‚

Also, I thought, isn’t it cool? No casualties on that ride since forever! Kudos!

We made my nephew ride it too, he didn’t like the “fast train” so he calls it but he was brave enough to sit the whole ride out. šŸ™‚ He just held tight to his mommy.

World Of Fun has been around and has been making kids happy for decades. Check them out here


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