Maniuaya Island

I was hesitant to go on this trip to Maniuaya Island (it’s an island near Marinduque) because I just had a beach (Boracay) trip, but I haven’t gone on a trip with my friends for a while now so I thought that maybe this idea wasn’t so bad.

Herl has been organizing this trip with her college classmates. Although it was a trip intended for her block mates, they were open to having other people in on this trip. It ended that Joyce, Yang, Colyn, and I crashed their beach outing. 😀

Friday night, we all met up at SM MOA for our van which would pick us up at 12mn. It was only 10pm and we passed time smoking and amusing each other with stories since we haven’t seen each other in a while.

12mn, our van came and so we left for Quezon Province. The first few hours of our trip was rowdy and noisy. It’s strange but you never seem to run out of funny and crazy stories to tell with your friends. It’s always hilarious and one topic always leads to another.

We also had a cute puppy in the van! Hi Snuffy!

We reached Quezon Province at 6am. 6-hour long ride! We were feeling cramped and tired and restless, too. The van parked us at pig slaughter house/boat dock to wait for our boat.

The dispatcher told us that we had to wait til 9am for the boat that would take us to Maniuaya Island. We were disappointed but felt like we really couldn’t do anything but wait. We decided to walk around and look for someplace we could eat at. We were near a public market so, looking for one wasn’t so hard. A local pointed us to a lugawan 4 blocks away.

The best lugaw I have ever had! And for only 8 pesos, score! After breakfast, we walked back to the dock, only to be surprised by some terrible news, our boat was gonna leave at 11am, not 9am. Not cool! Herl made arrangements to get a boat at once. She did, but the boat would come from Maniuaya, which meant, we had to wait for another hour or so. We spent time in the van, playing cards and entertaining ourselves. After an hour and a half, our boat finally came! Yay!

The waters in Marinduque are very calm. I have observed this even on our first trip (which I will blog about someday) there. The water is so calm and flat that it kind of gives you a scary, mysterious vibe. Like, Ursula would suddenly emerge from the water.

The one-hour boat ride was a scenic trip itself. You could see the not-so-distant islands, seagulls fishing in the middle of the ocean, and lots of flying fishes gliding above the water. There are shallow parts, too, wherein you could already view the corals below. Supah clear water!

We got to the island and it was very pretty! The sand was brown but it was super soft! It will remind of you of polvoron, promise. It was lunch time already and we walked around while waiting for food to be served.

Last week, I was craving for lots of squid. The craving continued to this weekend and I was in luck! This place had the freshest and tastiest squid! Not just the squid, but all the seafood actually. They serve fresh catches. Awesome!

For some reason, we ended up swimming in the resort pool late in the afternoon. We just didn’t feel like soaking up too much sun in the beach. Plus, the tide was low at that time already. We spent a few hours wading in the pool then chilled at the nearby table with some really cold beer. Perfect!

Day turned into night quickly and we had another epic seafood dinner. I had a lot of squid again. After dinner, we took a bath and got our bonfire ready for the night’s party sesh. There were locals there who offered to get wood and start the fire for us. They charged us 200 pesos, kinda steep for a bonfire, but there was like 20+ of us there, so it wasn’t such a problem.

We spent the night drinking, taking pictures and telling stories which I have forgotten by now. Hehe. The night went by so quickly and we all went to bed at around 3am. We knew this was bad because we had to be up at 6am if we wanted to catch the nice beach a few kilometers away. This little beach patch only appeared when the tide is low; and as the islanders predicted, that would be at 6-9am tomorrow.

Amazingly, we all got up at 6! We left the resort at around 7am and rode the boat to Paddle Island. The ride took about 30mins. When we got there, the water was up already but you could still see the perfect white sand below.

We spent 30mins just taking pictures and doing stuff in the water. Our tour guide decided to pass time with palm reading. Bad idea! There was like 25 of us there and he had to read our fortunes one by one! 😀 The tour guide told me that I always have money but it just seems to slip through my hands (check!), my love life is a rollercoaster (check!), and that I am family oriented (check!). He was right on all three points, but, aren’t all we? He also said that there is a big chance that 29 is my marrying age. Uhh.. okay.


The resort owner was there, too. He offered free jet ski rides for ze ladiez. I never knew jet skiing was such a rush! I never really paid attention to it before but I think I’d like to try it on my own some time.

 After an hour, the water which was ankle deep earlier, was neck deep now. We decided to head back to the resort. As the owner on the jet ski was leaving, I asked if I could hitch with him on the way back. I just wanted to get to the island faster and enjoy the view better. We rode all the way around the island, and while skiing, the owner told me about the reef below. This is what blew me away about this island. The water is so clear that you could see reef that is more than 40 feet below! Awesomesauce! Most of the reefs are dead because of dynamite fishing in the past 😦 but you could still see a few which are alive and you could see fishies and other sea creatures thriving around it. It was a pretty sight to behold and, for some reason, I wasn’t afraid that Ursula might jump out of the water.

When we got back, breakfast was served and we all had this awesome tocino, dried squid, and danggit. I missed dried squid! After breakfast, we still had time to lounge at beach. Herl, Ice, Joyce, Yang, Colyn, and I took pictures at the beach and I took this time to practice on my poi.

I don’t know if I have said this before, but positive vibes always attracts good things. We were all just chilling and having fun at the beach when the resort owner drove by with in his ATV. He let us ride it a bit, just to take pictures. Then, later on, he asked if we wanted to try the banana boat..for free! Nice! I have never been on a banana boat because I usually go to commercialized beaches with just 2 or 3 friends. Not enough people to occupy a banana boat. I was thrilled to get on the boat but was a bit disappointed because the rest of the people on the boat didn’t want to be turned over. I mean, that is the highlight of this activity, right? Anyway, it was still fun and it wasn’t so bad considering it was free. 😉

After the banana boat, we went back to our room to shower and fix our stuff because we were about to leave in a few hours.

It was just 10:30am and we didn’t feel like stuffing our face with seafood again so we just had some brunch and whiled time away with the deck of cards which I always brought on trips.

Our boat arrived at 1:30pm. We had another hour of Pusoy Dos and I was on a losing streak.

We docked at a resort in Quezon and it was extremely low tide. We had to walk a few meters to the shore and into the resort. The water was muddy and ankle deep so we took care not to splash mud on our clothes. Yang was walking ahead of me and I thought I saw something slip from her pocket. I told her about it but she said that I must have imagined it. Jack, Ice and I felt through the water with our feet and we were sure that there was something there. We stepped on it a few seconds until Ice decided to reach down and grab it. It was Yang’s phone! We were screaming and laughing at the same time. We found it funny and I really don’t know why. 🙂 Everything is funny when it’s not happening to you I guess, haha.

Our van was waiting for us when we got there. We washed the mud off our feet and boarded the van which will take us on another grueling 6-hour trip.

Here are more photos from our trip:



Photos by:
Joyce Maristela
Mikhaela Marie Regala
Kurt Ellis


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  1. Another awesome (albeit lengthy!) post. Seems like you’re having hella fun out there! 🙂

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