Rainy-Day-Hallway-Longboarding With The Kids

It has been raining all week and I cannot bring myself to riding my board on the wet streets. Don’t want my deck to get all wet and muddy!

So, for days, I have been satisfying my skating hunger in our building hallway. I met some kids (as in kids 5-10 years old) who play along the hallway, too, since their mums wouldn’t let them play outside. They have their waveboards and we just skate back and forth until we get bored of the fluorescent-lighted, white wall “scenery”.

It’s fun playing with them and all but I have one problem – they keep borrowing my board! I mean it’s fine but they take up so much time playing with it and I just stand there and watch over them like a nanny making sure they don’t fall or whatever. I tried playing with their waveboard instead but I suck at it! How come they look like they make no effort riding it while I keep falling and losing my balance?






See how small our playground is? 😀


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