5 Liters of Chocolate Milk in Dagupan

Have I told you about my Alaska family? Not the place Alaska, but a local milk brand here in the PI. Well, I have been hosting quite a lot of Alaska weekend events for over a year now and the guys who organize the events have become like family to me already. Also, it has proven to be a lucrative sideline job (it sustains my constant need to go to the mall and buy something) and has taken me to a lot of places and exclusive events, all expense paid! Yay!

I started last year during the Cobra Iron Man and Alaska Iron Kids event. We stayed for a week at the Camsur Watersports Complex where we worked all day and partied all night! We were so spoiled, we always ate out, partied ’til late and the work load wasn’t so overwhelming.

Alaska Iron Kids Kick-Off Party with VP for Marketing, Ms Blen

Anyhoo, fast forward to just this weekend, I was invited to host their Alaska Power Camp…in Dagupan! I haven’t been there so I immediately agreed to bus-ing it up to Dagupan on a Friday night.

We got there at about 4am and call time was 6am! I got to the venue 30 mins late and started my day with 2 glasses of chocolate milk. This would be the start of my chocolate milk overload for the next 3 days. I think I had 5 liters of chocolate milk in 3 days. I buried my 6-pack abs even deeper :/

And so the camp begins! I opened the program by introducing a bunch of important people, making sure not to mispronounce a single name; I always mess that part up during hosting. The program went by pretty fast and before I knew it, I was just sitting around playing Tetris while having more of the chocolate milk.

Coach Jojo Lastimosa, former Alaska Aces baller extraordinaire

Losing team crawl under the winning team’s legs (while being butt slapped haha!)

Dinner time! Our driver took us to this busy street in Dagupan. I knew I would be contracting a nasty disease from this place we ate at but, again, I am all for culture and experience! We had this local specialty called Pigar-Pigar. Looks like sauteed (tough and chewy) beef with some veggies. It was good! Although I think I haven’t fully digested it ’til now.

Looks vile but it tastes really good!

After dinner was when I was actually able to appreciate (or be creeped out by) our hotel. I was such in a rush going to camp that I did not notice it…the place felt like one of those movies when a serial killer would suddenly appear and slash everyone in the hotel. In the bathroom, I constantly felt that someone would pull the shower curtain and leave me dead cold in the tub.

The pool was green with moss and scum. The function hall looks like it hasn’t been open for a looong time.

Stairway to the function hall

Lobby/Reception. Didn’t bother to use flash just so you’d see how dark it is. They turn the lights off from 7pm-5am. This area has a lot of mirrors, btw.

Looks like a cozy place judging by the signage, yeah?

The room I share with Faye. And possibly the spirit of a massacred guest?

The hotel staff were very accommodating though, so I guess that makes up for the old-world-creepy feel of the hotel.

Okay, so Dagupan is known for their seafood and beaches. This pains me because I was able to do neither! Everyone was too busy or not in the mood and I don’t think I want to bug the driver to take ONLY me to the beach. So, I guess, I’ll just do that next time.

The closest to seafood I got was this amazeballs Kare Kare we had at Silverio’s. That should make up for it.

The Seafood Kare Kare was awesome! It had tuna, clams, squid, and other sea creatures. Please pardon the non-artistic way of how I photographed my meal. I was so hungry.

Located at Arellano Dawel, Dagupan
I don’t think they have a website, but you can check out this review

And..the closest I got to a tour around the place was when we picked up some of the basketballs that the vice mayor would be giving to the basketball camp kids (election is nearing?)

One of the gazillion Bangus (Milkfish) ponds in Dagupan.

The rest of the weekend was spent eating ice cream and having coffee at the Hotel’s (Memorial) Garden. Our group was made up of 3 girls and 9 crew guys. Entertainment and rowdiness came easy. I was amused just watching them.

Early morning after the event, we started getting ready for the trip back to Manila. While we were checking out of the hotel, I realized that we weren’t taking the bus, we were gonna ride the service van! I haven’t done that for a long time and I wasn’t sure if I could still subject myself to cramping up in a van with 9 of the most insane guys in the world. I could have had them drop me off at the bus station but I thought, “What the hell, this is one of those ‘I’m all for experience’ kind of stuff”. So, I just enjoyed the wild, loud, and cigarette-smoke-filled party van!

Screw travelling in style! I love it when I sit still and contorted for 6 fvcking hours

Thanks to Jojo and the rest of the crew for being very accommodating and loving me dearly even if all I do is eat and play with the camp kids! XOXO


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