Baler On My Mind

Wow, I don’t even know how to start this post. So much went on our weekend Baler trip and I’m still so overwhelmed and don’t know how to begin. Oh, and, WARNING: Lengthy post ahead!

I almost did not go on this trip because I was so pissed over some mis communication shiz, which, when I look back at now, is kind of funny. Jacob told me we were leaving on Saturday 12 MN and I assumed he meant 12 MN Fri/Sat when he meant 12 MN Sat/Sun instead! I know most of you would agree with Jacob but, try this, at the stroke of 12 MN, your phone will register it as the next day already. Try it!

Anyway, after much debate and what-not, I ended up going with them. We took a 1 AM bus ride, we got to Baler at around 8 AM to be welcomed by a very flat beach! Oh well, we thought that waves might pick up after lunch anyway but it never happened…for 3 days!

Hello, Baler!

I have never been to Baler and I have always heard that the vibe there is very relaxed and that everyone is friendly. It’s true! Proof: A friend of my friend accommodated us in his house for three days; food, booze, bed, bath and all! I have never met them in my life but they were all so cool that we ended up eating and chilling together all the time and drinking til sunrise.

Our generous host. Tito had a lot of interesting stories to tell. You’d get the feeling that he has been there and done that

Day 1, we were tired from our trip but there was so much to do that we forgot about sleeping or showering first. As soon as we got there, we took a quick dip in the beach and a few minutes later, Kerin was calling us for breakfast. She makes the most bad ass toasts ever!

Breakfast! Yummeehh

Some fruity floral tea, cocoa, suman, and the best french toast pb&j I have ever had.

To add more awesomesauce to this awesome trip, it was the town fiesta coincidentally! We had lunch at another friend of a friend’s house and got a head start with the booze action we were gonna get all weekend. Check out all the delish grub we got our hands on.

Free fiesta food! Yes!


The boys on their first drinking sesh for the day. Except for konsehal (front, left) who has been partying 2 days ahead already

Mmmm.. Cake

We got to walk around the town proper, ate some more,  bought some souvenirs and ate some more. It was really cool enjoying a new place like a local. I’ve been to surf trips before but this is different because I was there for the lifestyle, too, not just for the surf.

Happy Fiesta!

Street food, yay!

We walked home rested a bit and then went off to party at this gig-for-a-cause thing at a bar near the beach. Some bands I have seen play in Manila. Really cool, this is the first time that I went to a gig at the beach. Plus, free booze which I don’t know who sponsored. Thank you, very cool unknown sponsor of that night’s beer, hope to be sponsored by you again!

Tribute Gig at Rushie’s Bar, Sabang, Baler

Some cool people we met that night

Some more cool people we met that night

We thought the night was over when the gig came to an end, but, it wasn’t! Later, we found ourselves making our way to Aliya Surf Camp, a resort at the other end of the beach. More free drinks from someone/somewhere! We met more new cool people there and by 1 AM, we were all huddled in one table sharing a bottle of brandy which, again, we had no idea was from.

Notice how red from the sunburn and alcohol we all are in this photo

After a couple of rounds, the group decided to make a 4 AM tapsilog (dried/cured beef+egg+fried rice meal combo) run. On the way there, we thought that it was not right to halt the drinking progress just because we were cooped up in a tricycle. It was funny because people were still passing shots inside the small moving vehicle. Ha ha

We got to this 24/7 Tapsilog place feeling pretty buzzed but the 30 minute break from our festive mode was a good thing.


Olops, Jacob, Chino, and Gerald

Chino, me, Jacob

Story telling moment while waiting for our food

Finally! The Tapsilog has arrived!

For some shallow reason, we found this tricycle interesting enough to have our picture taken with. I think we were amazed with the cab-like sign on the roof

It was about 5am when we got back to the beach house. Jacob had this brilliant idea of drinking ’til sunrise. Others went to bed already so, it was just the four of us who sat at the sea wall, waiting for the sun to rise. Good call, it’s been a while since I have waited for the sun to rise at the beach while sharing really good vibes with friends. Ani also decided to bring out his bongo-like drums to celebrate the rising of the sun. We thought that it would be cool to play some music for the ocean so it would give us waves. To top that crazy idea, we also thought it would be effective if we dedicated our last shot of brandy to the ocean, so it may bless us with nice waves that day. I don’t know if we were imagining it but there were nice sets that morning! But, though it may have been the case, we were too hammered and tired that we slept through the morning surf sesh.

Sea wall

Tambol for waves

Sunrise number 1

Hey, to those who surfed that morning, you should thank us. We did all sorts of crazies so the beach would give us waves that day. Ha ha

Day 2: I woke up a little after 11am and I remember rushing to get my bikini and rash guard on. I noticed that half of the surfboards have been taken out, which meant that there were waves! It was very hot and I knew I would get toasted but I still decided to paddle out. After an hour of trying to catch waves, my arms finally gave in. Thanks to the alcohol and scorching sun?

During the afternoon, I remember we just hung out at the sea wall, recalling events from last night. Had some coconuts fresh from the shell, had coffee, ate some more and tried to look for other spots.

Mmm.. Coconuts

We walked to the other side of the beach hoping that there would be waves there but we were in no luck still. The boys made do of the cute baby waves while Olops and I just sat at the shore, talking about relationshits and stuff. 🙂

Looking for another spot

Still no luck

That kid….

Night came and the group was debating whether we wanted to go to this birthday party or just chill at home. We were really tired and sleepy and felt like just chilling at home. For some reason though, when I came back from a long shower, the group has decided on going to the birthday party after all. know what happens when the party is started! It goes on til sunrise. So, here’s sunrise number 2 of our trip.

Sunrise Number 2

We were having another great time at the sea wall, hoping and calling out to the ocean to give us waves again this day. As the sun was rising, I had this idea to do some sun salutations (yoga) to greet the morning sun. I tried to get the boys to join me but, I guess their half smashed asses weren’t into stretching out on the sand/in public. It was great though! This is the first time I have done yoga outdoors and it felt so good! I wish I could do that again soon. After I did my yoga with Umi (our host’s cute dog), I remember just crashing into Ani’s bed, hence, leaving him no choice but to sleep on the couch. Haha

The boys doing their drum number while I stretch it out on the sand with Umi

Day 3: Still. No. Waves. The group decided to go rappelling instead! This isn’t like one of those places you go to that some local comes up to you and offers you a rappelling spot that has been rigged for the public. This is one of those really cool, rig-the-place-yourself kind of thing! Turns out, I was hanging with a bunch of hardcore mountaineers. We got to a friend’s house to gather the equipment and prepare lunch for today’s activities, and, while waiting, we got some time to skate around the area, really nice.

I do not remember the point of this photo’s look-up choreography

“Candid” posing for Kerin’s cool lomo camera

We got to this mountain (I forgot the name) and they immediately started rigging the shiz out of that falls. We were all so nervous! Some of us slipped, tripped, and got stuck on the way down, but one thing was constant: we all had our well-orchestrated photos taken at a certain spot that made us look like we were pro’s. Haha

Jacob and Arce rigging the spot

First time I ever did this! I was so scared I couldn’t speak.

Made it all the way down, finally!

After the rappelling episode was my one of my favorite parts of the trip. I got to skate on a wide and free road! I remember feeling so stoked! I loved the pintail longboard that they brought. I realized, my Tan Tien at home was probably a bit heavy and tricky for me. I am now considering getting a lightweight pintail.


I wish we had more time though, then we could have done some downhill bombing but it was late in the afternoon already and we had to catch a bus back to Manila. Boo hoo. 😦

This is how we roll!

Balat and Kim

As soon as we got back to the house, we started packing our stuff. It felt really sad with the sun going down, people from other hotels lugging their bags into their vans, the calm beach, and the really quiet atmosphere. You know that feeling when you have to leave, but, really, you don’t want to and the whole universe seems to be sad and quiet with you? That feeling right there, I do not like that feeling.

Anyway, we said our goodbyes and they wished us a safe trip and then that was that. Goodbye Baler, hello again city life.

Before I end this post, more photos of course!


Walking around

A little downhill action

Another one of Kerin’s amazing toasts


One of Chio’s shots of people sleeping

Picking berries bromance style

Toasted bunny!

Keahi and Chio giving Chino the spa treatment. Supah cute kids!

Kerin, Thea, and me

Hanging out at a store

Clean lines

I miss this 😦

Photo credits:
Thea Marie C.
Johanni M.
Jane A.


14 responses to “Baler On My Mind

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  2. Hi,

    Good thing I saw this blog and didn’t expect that the blogger is a goddess =) Anyway, we are going to Baler on 02/21/14 and we will be staying at Rushie’s point. I have been looking for any reviews about the hotel and google led me to their facebook page and to this blog site. I know you didn’t stay there, but since you have gone and boozed at Rushie’s, Can you remember if the place is presentable, clean, safe? I would appreciate any feedback from you. Thanks and hope to see more travel blogs from you =)

    • Hi Jose, thank you!
      I usually go there at night so I haven’t really seen their accommodations – just the bar.
      Hanging out at Rushie’s is fun but I find that it is a bit far from where all the beach bumming and surfing action is.
      Nevertheless, you’ll love it in Baler. Have fun!

  3. WHAT?! You mean the place is boring since it’s a bit far from Beach Bumming and Surfing? I thought Rushie’s beach front? Darn I already placed my reservation. Anyway, thanks for the tip, I am about to finish reading all your blogs hehehe it’s so entertaining. I hope you won’t mind if I call your name when we cross paths hehehe. I guess I’m now a #1 fan! =)

    • Thank you! And sorry, I meant that it is a bit far from the front and center part of the beach. Rushie’s Point IS a beach front property 🙂 Rushie’s usually gets packed in the evening with local acts 🙂

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