12 Hours on a Bus, 12 Hours in La Union

For so many times, my brother and I have planned an adventure trip to wherever now that he’s in college/considerable legal age. I even promised him a surf trip on his birthday but sorely disappointed him as I had to go to Cebu on the same date.

Anyway, one weekend, we were bored at home and spontaneously decided on heading to the beach for our long overdue surf trip!

We didn’t have any clothes with us (we were at my gramp’s place), much less beach gear but we thought that it was now or never. This trip has been postponed a gazillion times and now’s our chance!

Early morning, we started our long commute to La Union from Nueva Ecija. We thought it was gonna be a breeze but we were wrong. Nueva Ecija is pretty close to La Union but there weren’t buses going directly and we both couldn’t drive. :/ Our supposed 3 hour trip stretched on to 6 hours and a lifetime.

First stop: SM Rosales, Pangasinan. This was a good thing since I could buy a bikini, some sunblock and shirts we could change into. We were planning to stay at the beach just the whole day but we had a feeling that this might turn into an overnight thing.


Second Stop: Agoo, La Union. We were right! It was raining hard on our way to La Union and some rivers were starting to get flooded. It was a bad idea to commute at night because of the hazard the rains were imposing. Plus, it would have been a hassle since a lot of people were probably on their way back to Manila that night, too.

Third and Final Stop: Urbiztondo, La Union. Finally! A tricycle driver took us to San Juan Surf Resort.

San Juan Surf Resort

The Rooms. You could get a nice twin sharing room for 1750 pesos

The waves were big and all messy when we got there. Nobody was in the water either. We threw our hopes of surfing that day. No way am I paddling out in that condition. Larry, a friend/surf coach I met through PSA told us to just chill today since waves were crazy and wait it out ’til tomorrow to surf. Oh well. We checked in and had coffee while chilling and soaking up on the beach vibe.


Mi baby brotha

My 3rd cuppa coffee

The beach vibe was quiet since most weekend warriors have gone back to the city already. It was raining all the time, too, which is why not much people are lounging by the beach.

Quiet beach, noisy waves, lots of heavy rain clouds 😦

Day turned into night quickly. We had dinner at the surf camp. We ordered a set meal supposedly for 2 but, turns out, it could feed 4! Very affordable at 550 pesos and yummy too. Check it out.

Adobo, Ensaladang Talong, Inihaw na Tuna, and RICE!

We had some coffee and beer while hanging at the deck again. My brother wanted to walk at the beach again but I was in such a party pooper mood because of the rain and the loud crashing waves. I could imagine Ursula again. Click on the link and you will see what image Disney has ingrained in my brain. This is why I don’t like waters which are dark and crazy.

A different and kinda matured crowd during weeknights.

My bro and I got up early the next day. Really early. 5 AM Early! He wanted to watch the sun rise. The sun barely came out though. Day 2 was still rainy as fudge.

We had coffee, then breakfast and waited ’til waves calmed down a bit for my brother’s first ever surf lesson!

While waiting, my bro and I decided to have some early morning beer while chillin’ down the beach. We did a little body beating surfing because he said he wanted to get “acquainted” with La Union waters first before he tried surfing. Like getting the feel of something. I felt sore after punching and wrestling with the waves and the current.

He also wanted me to bury him in the sand. He says he’s never had that done to him before and that it’s like some sort of beach tradition that he has got to experience. OK…

So, when we were finally, thoroughly pleased with all the silly things we wanted to do at the beach, we decided to look for Kuya Larry, the local I contacted to give my brother surf lessons.

It wasn’t hard to find him, he was at a shack near our spot. Let the surfing begin!

Surfing 101

Heading out!

Mi baby brotha’s first wave! Weee!

And another one!

My turn!


We had to stop a little before lunch because my brother still had classes to catch late in the afternoon. :/ We went back to our room, took a shower, and had a very well deserved lunch. Our arms were killing us!

After our last cup of coffee at the deck, that awfully sad and quiet feeling started to creep up on us. You know, when the beach suddenly feels quiet and there are less and less people around you. It’s like a signal telling you that it is time to go home now. And so, our 6-hour journey begins once again. Oh well.. Goodbye La Union, see you again soon!

Bye beach :/

My baby bro’s growing up so fast *sniff sniff*


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