Something New #97: Hair (The Weekend That Never Stopped)

I’m going all out vain and post a photo that I took myself and added a buncha filters. hehe

1.       I figured it’ll be a while ’til I finish my post about our recent Island trip, so I will make a quick post about what I ended up doing this weekend. As you can see, I had my hair (bangs) cut! I’ve been meaning to this for a while and I know my mommy will like it when she sees me. This is my 10-year old hair style, you see. Back in the day when I didn’t frustrate my parents to hell. Haha


2.       Sorry if this photo grossed you out! I bumped into some friends on a Friday night and tagged along on a skate trip. The result of a not-so-sober quasi bravery.

Finally conquered that 90-degree thing!

3.       The day after my elbow and hip got paved, some office mates asked me to join them on a climb thing. I remembered not being able to conquer that 90-degree wall thing on my last climb and thought that this is my chance to finally do it.  I finished it! And now, aside from my hip and elbow injuries, my arms are killing me, too.

Tired or just ‘tard-lookin’ ?

Of course there were other beer, pig out, witchcraft, sleep over and movie moments aside from these but I’m too lazy to go into detail. It might bore you, too. But, yeah, thanks to Anna for sponsoring Sunday’s beer and dinner.  #theweekendthatneverstopped



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