Birthday Beach Bombing 3 Islands in Quezon Province: 2 – Puting Buhangin & 3 – Borawan

It took us less than an hour to get to the next island. Puting Buhangin, true to its name, had white sand!

Puting Buhangin Island with Kwebang Lampas in the background

Puting Buhangin was smaller than Dampalitan but it was more scenic. Also, there were more campers there. There were like 10-ish tents pitched. I figured that must be due to, again, the place was prettier looking and that there was a decent loo and a store with more stuff to sell. Speaking of store, their 2-liter Coke here was 120 pesos! Wow ‘di ba? That’s more than twice the SRP if I’m not mistaken. So, we dubbed it as the “Best Tasting Coke on Earth”

As soon as we got there, we found a nice little spot under a tree and pitched our tent. It was just 9 AM and we had  a lot of time to kill. Herl took over roasting the bananas we bought from the market. I know right? Bananas? First time I’ve heard of it, too. It was good!

Herl taking over the banana-roasting duties. That’s the best tasting Coke beside me over there at the tent.

As usual, Yang and I didn’t really like participating in fussing over preparing food, pitching tents and stuff. We’d rather sit it out and cheer them on instead. That’s important too!

Look at the puurrrty little bug we found (crawling on Recca’s face)

Some of us took advantage of the cleaner toilet, others took pictures (what’s new?), some just bummed it on the sand. A few moments later, we thought we should check out the cave nearby. If you aren’t very good at swimming, braving the slippery rocks and boulders was the easiest way you could get to the cave. I was scared that there might be jellies so I decided to go the rocky path. The cave wasn’t super amazing but, hey, you don’t get to see a cave everyday, so it was still a view. A major throw off though were the vandals on some parts of the cave. How crass of those who did that! Does one really have to let everyone know that he was there? I mean, to write that on some wall in the city, sure, I don’t think it’s a big deal. But on something like a cave, that is just unacceptable.

Quick photo before heading to the cave

Another last quick photo, promise!

Inside the cave! You could see some of the vandals that some daft tourists left.

Anyhoo, we saw that the cave went through to the other side of the mountain – opening up to the ocean. I really wanted to swim towards the other end but there were locals who were drinking brandy looking out for tourists who told us that it isn’t safe. Okay. -_-

Swimming back to the tent. I look so breathless in this photo because of my near death drowning moments while Kurt tried to take mermaid-like videos and stills of me. The result was great though, watch it at the bottom of this post.

One of the vid stills

Another still. Using my slippers as flippers here!

So, we headed back to camp and started our Pusoy Dos Competition (as what Herl calls it). Whenever our hands start playing, our butts get glued to the floor and before we know it, bam! We’ve been playing for hours!

Let the Pusoy Dos competition begin!

I have been bringing these mini Vegas cards to all our trips for almost 5 years now. So many memories, so many losing streaks haha

Again, I was on a losing streak, I think they just made me win one game before we headed out for our next island destination – Borawan!

Boat ride to Borawan Island

Borawan was our original plan, but later on, we found out that it might not be a very good idea to camp out there. I think because of the impending storm and that the distance between the shore and Borawan’s cliffs/walls is so small that water might reach our tent.

Some rock/islands on the way to Borawan

I’ve read somewhere that Borawan has it’s name because of its beach that resembles Boracay and its rocky formations that bring Palawan to mind. Hence, Bora-Wan.


I stood there to serve as scale of how high the rocks were.. or I just wanted my photo taken…

It was late in the afternoon already and we were getting sick of the tequila, we felt like we needed ice cold beer this time. But, the island having no electricity, we had no choice but to make do of our room temperature drinks.

We walked around the island not really expecting to see anything apart from what we saw from bloggers who have been here and posted photos online; but as soon as we made a turn after the big boulders and rocks – there was a postcard worthy sight waiting for us! I don’t think it has been photographed by tourists who visit this island.

The other side of the island, past the boulders and stuff


When we were done appreciating the scenery, we headed back to the hut, still thinking of ice cold beer. While the rest were pining and longing, Kurt and I saw this semi-big boulder which could pass as a mini cliff diving spot. The tide was low already and this is all we could make do of. There were higher and more challenging diving spots but the water might not be too deep to make the jump safe. Kuya Bankero 1 told us to proceed with our jump now if we wanted to since the water was getting shallower and shallower by the minute. At first, it was just Kurt and I enjoying the not-so-high jump, later on, the others joined in. It wasn’t very nerve-wracking but it was something that our group haven’t done before so it was fun!

Kuya Bankero 2 guiding me where to jump

Making our way up to jump again

The water was just neck deep when we thought of finding some other stuff to do. We walked to the other side of the island where there were more fascinating rock formations. There was this one spot were the rock formed something like a roof and it felt like you could camp out there Castaway style.

It was almost 5pm when the boatman asked us to head back to the pier. We still had a long trip ahead of us and it would be good to pack up early. Besides, it didn’t feel like the time we spent wasn’t enough. On the contrary, it felt like the two days we spent was ten days. The hours seemed to stretch so loooong. Not kidding! We would look at our watches and be surprised at how early it still was or how slow the clock ticked (not literally). We also came to the conclusion that this was the most hassle-free and relaxed trip we’ve had in a long time. There was just 10 of us so it wasn’t so hard coordinating with everyone. It was easier to divide expenses by 10, too! Math sucks! 😀

It felt like everyone was on the same mind frame the whole trip. When one wanted to go swimming, everyone did, too. Play cards, everyone was game. Drinking and shisha, the whole group was up for it. Plus, Kurt was there, willing to take pictures of everyone. Haha! Yes, this is some sort of a challenge. Most of our trips, no one was really into being behind the camera. Everyone wants to be the subject!

Class picture

It wasn’t so hard leaving the island. It felt like time was used up to the very last second. But of course, there was still this silent, uncomfortable atmosphere. Like leaving a buttoned up beloved behind. Hmm…can’t wait to do another island trip soon.

Watch Kurt’s conclusion vid below! Looks like a Farewell/Graduation AVP, but really cool, too! 🙂

Photo cred:
Kurt S.
Recca M.
Ice M.


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