Singapore Shuffling 2

The next day was started with a big lunch at Ramen & Bento. A legit-looking Japanese place near our hotel. I’d say it was quite pricey for non-authentic tasting food.

Ramen + Bento

Ramen + Bento

singapore summer

We made our way to Gardens By The Bay and knew instantly that we would be doing a LOT of walking. My cousin and I were dreading it already. Even though a lot friends warned us that taking a cab to everywhere would take its toll on our wallets, we ignored it. We were just so sick of walking.

Gardens by the Bay - view from the bridge

Gardens by the Bay – view from the bridge

Lion den, cool!

Lion den, cool!

So sick of walking

Lazy mode today – cab-ing it to everywhere while downing Popeye’s junk food goodies.

We didn’t stay long in Gardens By The Bay, we decided we’d do this Singapore Flyer thing already.

The Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer

It wasn’t so bad. Seeing things from a very high point of view is always enjoyable and to experience it in a roller coaster contraption is always cool. B-) We also used this chance to look for the Merlion. We did! And so we resolved to go there next.

Looking down from the highest point

Looking down from the highest point

View from our capsule

Singapore Flyer Fun Fact!: In 2008, they reversed the Flyer’s rotation/direction after a Feng Shui consultation revealed that the wheel’s original spinning direction was taking away the city’s positive chi/good fortune. The ride now starts with a view of the beach and ends with the business district.

I was under the assumption that the Merlion would be at least 20 stories high. It was not. It was about just 2 stories. Not really disappointed – just surprised. Anyway, we did the compulsory been there, done that Merlion-behind-me shot and went on our way.

Compulsory Merlion behind me shot

Compulsory Merlion-behind-me shot

After the Merlion episode, we wanted to try the SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It seemed like a good place to chill out at and have dinner with a great view of Singapore. When we learned that we had to pay 20 USD to be able to go up (free if you are a guest at the hotel), we didn’t bother to go anymore. :/

Marina Bay Sands Skypark

Marina Bay Sands Skypark. Looks like a Superferry parked on top of three towers.

On our way home, we realized that we have been staying near one of Singapore’s shopping destinations – Bugis Market – yet we never really took time to check it out.

We just made a quick walk through and after a few stalls, I noticed that the merchandise are almost the same as what I’d find in St. Francis’ Square, Greenhills Shopping Center, 168 Mall – Divisoria , and other tiangges in Metro Manila. There were some good finds but I ended up buying food stuff. I figured those would appeal to my parents and siblings more 😀

Bugis Market

Bugis Market

It was our last night and despite our near zero energy levels, I persuaded my cousin to go on a night out. Just a couple of drinks. A lot of people have advised us that Clarke Quay is the place to be but it was far from Bugis and the train stations have already closed. We tried an Irish pub down the road instead.

I found Molly Roffey’s appealing first time I saw it, what disappointed me though was that it was deserted! Charge it to the night being a school night probably?

Molly Roffey's

Molly Roffey’s

Btw, 95% of the staff at that place were Filipinos! From the waitresses to the singers. You could sit there and think that you are in the Philippines.

Of course, we tried the talked about Tiger beer. Friends say they aren’t sold in Manila so I should definitely try it when I get to SG. (Update: I just saw bottles of Tiger beer at Rustan’s!) Tastes good and kicks a little less harder than our local Red Horse beer.

15 bucks for 1 glass. What a rip off! No to Sin Tax on our beers please :p

15 bucks for 1 glass. What a rip off! No to Sin Tax on our beers please :p

Last day! Though I was dreading it, an early morning visit from a dear friend who now lives in SG made me start the day on a happy note. 🙂

Ate Love!

Ate Love!

Ate Love took us to a hawker food center one block away from our hotel! Why have we never thought of checking our area out more?  I loved the chicken rice and their one-dollar milk teas.

Chicken rice at a hawker place for just 3.50!

Chicken rice at a hawker place for just $3.50!

Chicken rice

Chicken rice

After lunch, Ate Love went on her way to work and we went to Clarke Quay for our scheduled boat ride. The boat ride’s main idea is to orient you on where to go in Singapore, what to do, a brief history, etc. So, it’s funny that we are doing this on our last day. We thought it was going to be boring but it was actually nice. Like a chill afternoon cruise down a river.



Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay

We wandered around Clarke Quay and its closed party places afterwards, I felt kind of frustrated for not being able to enjoy it’s night life. Boo!

I should've gone here :/

I should’ve gone here :/

We went back to our hotel to check out and do some last minute shopping, Good thing there were malls and shops everywhere! We also went back to Rip Off Mustafa Centre to get some stuff.

To culminate our Singapore trip, we resolved to celebrate at Changi Airport’s McDonald’s while killing time before boarding. We thought it would be a good idea to eat something familiar but slightly different. Maybe we’d start this McDonald’s-around-the-world thing?

Going home...

Going home…

A few more photos from our trip:


The colorful windows look fun!

Marina Bay Sands Mall

Marina Bay Sands Mall

Marina Bay Sands hotel ceiling. I like the nest thing going on

Marina Bay Sands hotel ceiling. I like the nest thing going on

My favorite building in Singapore - The Esplanade. It is an arts venue and is sometimes called "The Durian"

My favorite building in Singapore – The Esplanade. It is an arts venue and is sometimes called “The Durian”

singapore summer

Dragon boat team practice. They waved and smiled gamely at us after this shot. 🙂


But of course, the Merlion!


The long walks to bus and train stations made up for the intense food trippin’.



singapore summer

Mel’s Drive-in. I want to put up something like this in Manila.

MRT CCTV moment

MRT CCTV moment with my cousin.

I can’t prove that culture is hard to observe and absorb because I stayed for just 4 days but I believe that is so since I barely saw Singaporeans during my stay.

Points on the food part since there are so many choices and so many places to eat at. From street food to high end places, there are so many spots to try out. Think I gained a pound or two after this trip.

If you are to try out a limited number of attractions in Singapore, I would recommend:
River Boat Cruise – briefs you on what to do in SG, thus, do this first
The Singapore Flyer – because giant ferris wheels are FUN!
Universal Studios Singapore – why would you not go there in the first place?
Clarke Quay – wasn’t able to experience it but my party hardy senses tingled when I saw the place. Please go to Hooters and tell me about it.

Sentosa has a lot of activities to offer but I think you could go on without trying all or a few.

In my own meandering conclusion, Singapore’s a good place to tour, dine, shop, and party. FIN!


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