What if the World Really Came to an End on Dec 21, 2012?

I actually believe that the world won’t end on Friday but the idea is so massively entertaining and mind blowing that it is hard not to bring it up every now and then.

A question I usually ask in conversation is, “What time will the end of the world commence? Since, y’know, countries have diff time zones.” What do you think? Will the P.I. go ahead of Canada, USA, etc? Or probably at around 8PM when almost all countries are on the same calendar date?

Another question is, what would you do if it was the last day on Earth? I’d go with the impossible and cliche answers of course! I’d do either of the two:

1 – Watch the Aurora Borealis (I’ve always wanted to see one) with my family at the Caribbean (I know there is no Aurora Borealis here but I don’t care, I want my northern lights and I want it now!) with a bad ass menu of steak (from Peter Luger’s NY, I read somewhere that it’s the best), prawns (from Sanlucar de Barrameda, Spain), chocolate cake & chocolates (from France) and some fancy wine (from France or Dominica maybe) and just… chill. I’d die of indigestion and a heart attack before the world comes to get me.

Oh and anti-migraine pills, I usually get a migraine from red meat and wine



2 – Blow billions of dollars in Paris. Not sure where I would get the shopping money but, whatever, this is my end-of-the-world sequence. I don’t even know why I’d bother buying stuff I’ll never use.

1ce7301e-06fb-4021-8f7f-14457e33d2d4.France-Paris-Galeries Lafayette


So, there, my idea of spending the last day on Earth isn’t very different really. I bet I would be sharing the Caribbean shores with a million others who have the same idea.

How about you, how would you spend it? The best idea wins a free pass to one of those ships that could save us from the wrath of the world’s end. You know, the one in the movie 2012.



PS: I found this really interesting site, check it out! Escape Earth 2012

PSS: This post is just wishful thinking and for entertainment purposes only. Peace!


6 responses to “What if the World Really Came to an End on Dec 21, 2012?

  1. Mayan calendar precedes the Roman calendar. It’s only been like xxx number of years since the concept of leap year has been introduced to RC. Since it added an extra day every four years for the last xx years, technically the real dec. 21 (on MC reckoning) has already passed, making the dec 21 doomsday hoopla moot.

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