Ohana Means Family

A few days before New Year’s Eve, my cousins and I were just so bored out of our wits that we decided on a whim to go to the beach!

This would be great, too, because my nephew, Brody, has never been to the beach. He loves playing with my sand decor (yes, I designed my room’s window sill with bowls and bowls of sand from diff beaches) that I thought he would have a field day at the beach. And he did!

Surprisingly, our family house in Nueva Ecija is about 30 minutes away from the highway to Baler.


My cousin has a fear of steep gorges yet she insisted on the window seat. Why?


My sister and her hubby

Holiday season meant fully-booked hotels and inns but we got lucky and scored the last 2 rooms at a beach front lodge. I’m sure those rooms were the last ones in the whole area.


We got a good table at Bay-ler but the view was tarpaulin-ed out because of the strongs winds. Boo.


After din


He kept walking around this sign and said that he would like to sleep here instead please. Haha

Later in the evening, before we commenced with our beer-by-the-beach sesh, Enna announced that she forgot her toothbrush and would like us to accompany her to town to get one. It was near midnight and we were trudging the 10-minute walk to town. The travails we put ourselves into just for a single toothbrush… *sigh*


The 10-minute walk to town. Pardon my weird face please

The next morning was sunny and my nephew was a mix of happy and anxious at his first sight of the sea! He spent the whole morning playing in the water and the sand – which I think he enjoyed more.


Still unsure if he wanted to let the water reach him. 🙂


Look at how tight he was holding onto me, he made me promise 10000x that I wouldn’t let go of him. Aww..



The beach teeming with surfers and tourists


Walking to town to get some lunch


The town plaza


Group shot at the Dona Aurora Museum’s dining table. Or was this the study room?


Inside the vintage presidential limo. We were trying to channel “girls going stag to the prom”. I know it doesn’t look like it heehee


Ride home. Short hair doesn’t look good on me, yes?

It’s not like we haven’t hung out in years, it’s just the first time that we all went on a trip with no old folks with us. We’re all grown up now and live on our own already so I guess trips like this are important to keep the bond tight. Can’t wait for this year’s trip! ❤



3 responses to “Ohana Means Family

  1. Didn’t know that Nueva Ecija (which happens to be my Dad’s hometown, too) is near Baler! Your blog is very pretty & informative, Hams ☺ Also, one of my goals this year is to lurn how to surf & visit Baler!

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