Chill Feels Beach

I can’t travel all the way to Mindanao and not check out any of the beaches there. Of course not. So, day 2 was dedicated to beach-ing it.

My tita booked us a hut at a beach resort – Isla Jardin del Mar – Saranggani. She said she booked us 3 days ahead of time since there are just 17 huts and they get fully booked easily on weekends. Cool, just 17 huts meant there won’t be a lot of people.

It was almost sun down when we got there. I thought, what a waste of 1 day. But then we drive up to the the beach front and this is what I see:

I’ve never seen a pink sunset before and this was just so beautiful. I was staring out at this the whole time my tita was checking us in.

All huts were occupied that weekend but it was okay. Chill feels pa rin.

Some kids from our neighbor hut.

Our hut in the middle.

After settling in, we went to the resort’s only restaurant to get dinner. It was a nice spot – breezy, some world/bongo drums music in the background, warm lights, cold beer, fresh seafood.


I noticed a foreigner couple in one corner. I thought it was kind of odd seeing foreigners at one of the far ends of our country; but this is one of the silly truths in the PI – a lot of our best spots are sought out by foreigners.  Take Boracay for example. Who made the world aware of this precious gem in the south east? Foreign backpackers!

After dinner, my tito and I took a few more bottles to our hut and we just sat and talked for a good 4 hours at the beach. One of the things I love doing with my tito.

I woke up before dawn the next day. About 4:30 am and I couldn’t go back to sleep so I decided I’d get up and make coffee. It was still dark when I stepped out but you could see a few local kids walking around the shore, catching crabs and stuff.

About 5:00 AM

Slowly, boats were starting to come to the shore – ready to market their catch. This lady was selling squid for just 90 pesos per kilo! In Manila, squid sells at about 280 pero kilo.

Squid that are whitish in color are the soft and juicy ones.

So we got 2 kilos of squid for 150 pesos and 2 kilos of shrimp for 250 pesos (shrimp in Manila costs 450 per kilo) and this is what’s for lunch! Boom!

The sky was starting to light up a bit so we decided to walk around:

Early risers at the beach.


My tita says that the farthest island is Borneo.


Lunch was awesome but I remember I was so hungry I didn’t bother to take a picture of the food. I did take a photo of the Marang though:

Mmmm.. Marang. So good.

Mmmm.. Marang. So good.

Beach time! Sun was blazing and the water was cool. You could swim out up to about 20 feet and you’d come across a reef! An alive and colorful and vast one! With fishes and anemone and sea cucumbers and all!

So glad I brought my goggles. So sad I didn’t have an underwater camera.

I’m not good at surface measurement but the reef area was about 2 basketball courts, probably more. I remember looking up ahead and all I could see were corals and fish. So rich!

As amazed as I was though, my fear of Ursula’s image or the Nessie still got the best of me. I couldn’t swim more than 10 feet out into the reef.

The beach

The beach

Don’t mind me. Look at the sand!

Our hut to the left.

After lunch, it was time to go. Bitin! I wish we had more time. This is one of the most chill beach trips I have ever been to, and the most bitin too. I think we’re going back with my cousins next year, can’t wait!

More photos of course:








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