The Ultimate Grand Master Plan

As far as I remember (3rd or 4th grade), I’ve always imagined what it would be like to live away from home. Almost every night, in bed, I’d lull myself to sleep making up scenarios and images of myself living somewhere other than the PI – just making it out on my own. I’ve always wondered how I could save up for it and when my folks would give me that freedom.

I remember making plans, master plans, grand master plans, of how I would establish myself elsewhere. The earth is so huge, I just have to see more of it!

Then, now that I’ve finally devised the ultimate grand master plan which actually worked, I’m starting to wonder whether I really want to do this!  ??!??!?!!

I’m going to miss everyone! Family, friends, the beach, the sun, the good and bad times. What do I do with my bikinis now? 😦  but then, I know I’ll regret not going  ..and.. cash has been dropped on booking this ticket .. and.. I just lugged 50 kilos of bags all by myself, so… yeah.. I guess it’s – LATERZZZ EVERYONE!

I’ll miss all of you for sure but I know we’ll exchange besos again some time. xoxo



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