So.. Half a Year

Wow, 6 months already. Time flies (cliche).

Few weeks in, I remember struggling with the cold – more likely because I couldn’t wear the stuff I want to wear anymore. Tank tops, shorts, see-through blouses, etc. Screw that.

This place felt so quiet, cold, small. Pubs were empty, no night clubs. Where’s the hustle and bustle?? I was starting to miss my friends terribly. But I thought to myself that I’d give it a few more weeks.

I knew I’d settle in (or rather give up and just live the small town life, lol) soon. One night, a friend and I were driving down the Trans-Canada highway. It was dark already as we pulled out of Sunshine Village, Banff. Somehow, we took a wrong turn and got lost for almost 2 hours! I was a bit anxious and so tired but tried to just enjoy the lull of the ride. Then, after some more km’s and staring out the window, I finally see the sign “Welcome to Canmore”. It was so weird. I felt so relieved – that feeling when you finally reach home after a long and tiring day. Did I just say home?

I’d still move to Banff or Calgary or Vancouver or Montreal in a heartbeat though. Lol! But that’s for later.

Wtf where is everybody?

Wtf where is everybody?


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