Climbing From the Philippines to Canada and then, CHINA!

Crazy how the climbing aspect in my life has changed so much in just a year when it has been in the back burner for quite some time.


First climb evaahhh

From discovering the sport in late 2012, to going to the gym sporadically throughout 2013, then going more in 2014 and now, in 2015, I, actually, am taking it more seriously this summer. So much so that I found myself buying a rope the other week. Yea, buying rope was a big decision, lol! It was like investing out of personal climbing gear (harness, shoes, chalk, belay device) is like saying, “I’m climbing more this summer otherwise I just made another bad spending decision.”


Some awkward outdoor top roping. First outdoor climb evaahhh Atimonan Rock Climbing


I remember this day vividly. Finally overcame that roof! Power Up Centro Atletico

 A huge factor in that, I think, is the massive climbing community in Canada. It is overwhelming for someone who just casually climbed back home in the Philippines. I found it mind-blowing that they have over 100 crags in Canada and that each spot would have heaps of routes. I found it a treat that I could TRY on climbing shoes BEFORE buying it. Also, I found it intimidating that it is such a huge sport here that my skill level would be a joke and that finding a belay partner would be close to impossible. I just have to get better if I want to play with the big guys (figuratively and literally) outdoors!


Learning anchors from my Italian (but of course! the real deal!) climbing friend, Alessandro. Grassi Lakes, AB, Canada

Canada has been very generous in teaching me, though. I can only wish that I could share the luxury of having immense rock climbing gear/shops right next door, the variety of climbing destinations, and the access to development of the sport with my friends and the climbing community back home.


First outdoor lead evaahhh…

I can’t wait to go to PH once more and climb my motherland’s rock with a new perspective and, hopefully, take Canadian climbing friends with me and introduce them to my home base’s sexy limestone!


More leading. My belay partner reminding me to breathe. Sunshine Village, AB, Canada

Before I do that though, I would very much like to go on a climbing trip that would prolly be a trip of a lifetime.

I am very close to getting to the finals of this climbing photo contest I am in and it would be really great if you all could help me out. I have not much to offer in return, but, should you ever come to my part of the world, I’d gladly give you a belay that comes from the bottom of my heart. 😉

Please click on the link and vote for my picture. If you’re feeling extra generous, maybe share the link, too!

Please vote :) Thank you!

Please vote 🙂 Thank you!

I would greatly appreciate all your help. 🙂 ❤

‘Til next time, climb on!


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